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Eurail Pass vs InterRail Pass

eurail pass

Traveling by trains in Europe are quite comfortable and flexible in these days. With unlimited travel access like Eurail pass and Interrail pass, there are endless destination opportunities for you to explore.

Eurail pass (also known as Eurorail Pass), formerly known as Euro Pass is an European Rail ticket with unlimited travel across European countries. Eurail passes can only be purchased by non-European residents. Normally these eurail passes are sold outside Europe, although it is possible to purchase it inside Europe, but it will be a bit more expensive. The best way to obtain eurail passes is through online website such as Rail Europe. You may book the rail pass up to 60 days in advance of your travel date. Rail Europe will send the ticket to your address for free (limited to some countries only).

Type of Eurail Passes:
1. Eurail Global Pass
The Global Pass covers unlimited travel in 20 countries: Austria (including Liechtenstein), Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France (including Monaco), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal , Ireland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

2. Eurail Regional Pass
Offer 3-10 days travels within 2 months period between 2 bordering countries. Available combination are: Austria-Croatia/Slovenia, Austria-Czech Republic, Austria-Germany, Austria-Hungary, Austria-Switzerland, Benelux-France, Benelux-Germany, Croatia/Slovenia-Hungary, Denmark-Germany, France-Germany, France-Italy, France-Spain, France-Switzerland, Germany-Switzerland, Greece-Italy, Hungary-Romania, Italy-Spain, Portugal-Spain.

3. Eurail Select Pass
Eurail Select Passes offer 5-15 days travel within 2 month period. You may select a series of bordering countries. Note: some regions count as one country: Benelux, Slovenia-Croatia, and Serbia-Montenegro-Bulgaria. You only need one pass to visit this region.

On the other hand, InterRail pass is a rail pass which available only to those who have been resident in Europe for a minimum of 6 months. Inter Rail pass also allows unlimited travel in Europe countries for a defined period of time.

Type of InterRail Passes:
1. InterRail Global Pass
Valid in 30 European countries, or basically all except Albania, Belarus, Estonia, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, and Russia.

2. InterRail One Country Pass
Formerly known as EuroDomino, is limited to one country only. Prices vary from country to country.

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