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Railpass Discounts

Youth & Senior Discounts

Many railpasses offer discounted version for travellers under 26 and over 60.

All youth passes except the Balkan, BritRail, French, Greek, Romanian, and Swiss versions are for second-class travel only, but they offer big savings. There are youth versions of all of the multiple-country passes, with the exception of the BritRail Pass + Ireland, the European East pass, and the Portugal-Spain Pass. In the U.K., you can take advantage of the BritRail Consecutive Youth Pass, BritRail Flexipass Youth, BritRail England Consecutive Youth Pass, BritRail England Youth Flexipass, and BritRail London Plus Youth Pass. There are also youth version of most single-country passes, including those from Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, and Italy. Eurail Global and Eurail Select Youth Passes are also available.

Senior passes, for travellers over 60, are just like the standard version, but cheaper. Senior passes include:

  • Balkan Flexipass
  • France Pass
  • Norway Pass
  • Scandinavia Pass
  • BritRail Consecutive Senior Pass
  • BritRail Senior Flexipass
  • BritRail England Consecutive Senior Pass
  • BritRail England Senior Flexipass.

Children get discounted rates on most passes, usually 40% to 50% off the adult rate. Qualifying ages vary by country. Adult with a Swiss Pass, Swiss Flexipass, or Swiss Card can also get the free Swiss Family Card, which let them tote along any number of their own children under 16 at no additional charge. Adults holding any type of BritRail Pass can request the free BritRail Family Pass, which allows one child, age 5 to 15, to travel free with ach full-paying adult.

Couple, Group & Family Discounts

If more than one person is travelling, more discounts are available. Saver and Parry passes offer discounts to small groups (including couples). Generally, if you’re under 26, the youth discount is better than the saver discount, so go with a youth pass instead. If there’s no youth pass available in the country you want to visit, check out the group passes instead.

Saver passes or group discounts include the following multi-country and regional passes:

  • All rail ‘n drive passes
  • Eurail Global Pass
  • Eurail Select Pass
  • Austria-Czech Saverpass
  • Austria-Croatia-Slovenia Saverpass
  • Austria-Germany Saverpass
  • Austria-Hungary Saverpass
  • Austria-Switzerland Saverpass
  • Benelux-France Saverpass
  • Benelux-Germany Pass Saver
  • Denmark-Germany Saverpass
  • France-Germany Saverpass
  • France-Italy Saverpass
  • France-Spain Saverpass
  • France Switzerland Saverpass
  • Germany-Switzerland Saverpass
  • Greece-Italy Saverpass
  • Hungary-Croatia-Slovenia Saverpass
  • Hungary-Romania Pass Saver
  • Portugal-Spain Saverpass
  • Italy-Spain Saverpass

Single country passes that allow for group discount include Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, and Britain. Note: British passes require three or more people to constitute a group; other passes require only two.

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