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Validating Your Rail Pass

You must validate your Europe rail pass before you step on your first train. There are two ways to do this. Head to a tiket office at any European train station and ask the ticket agent to validate your pass. The agent will write in the first and last days you can use your pass, and you’re on your way.

Single country and multi country passes have to be validated in the country they’re being used for (except when using the pass holder rate on the Eurostar). For instance, if you’ve got a France Rail pass and you’re heading to the Riviera from Barcelona, buy a ticket from Barcelona to the border; then the French conductor will validate the pass and you can use it for the rest of your journey

If you’re using a Saver pass or another kind of pass that affects more than one person, all the relevant people must be present when the pass is validated, but not necessarily every time it’s used (except in France).

If you’re using a non consecutive day pass such as a Eurail Select Pass, there’s one more thing you have to do after validation. Each day you plan to use the pass, write the day and month in ink in one of the boxes below “Last Day”. If you’re taking an overnight train that leaves after 7pm, write in the next day’s date. (You get the evening part of the train free!) This is called the 7pm Rule, but it may not apply to all the passes; inquire at time of booking. All trips must be completed in the days marked on your pass. Be sure to write in the date before you get on the train or you mught get fined when the conductor comes around.

Note: Dates should be entered European style – date first, then month. So May 10 should be written 10-5 and not 5/10.

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