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Czech Republic Rail Travel

Czech Republic rail travel

The Czech Republic, comprising the ancient kingdoms of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia, is the westernmost of the former Soviet satellite countries and probably the easiest way to explore what used to be the other side of the Iron Curtain. This country already has the attitude of a mature Western European state, and the tourists and investments keep flowing in.

Many North American travelers visiting the Czech Republic only go to capital city Prague. And understandably so. It’s one of Eastern Europe’s most grandiose destinations. And, the Prague Excursion Pass is a super deal. It provides one roundtrip from any Czech border to Prague, and lets you take advantage of some great connections between Prague and neighboring capitals: the trip from Berlin or Vienna takes about 5 hours; and, an overnight train links Paris and Prague.

Available Rail Passes for Czech Republic :

  1. Eurail Czech Republic Pass
    Train travel throughout Czech Republic.
  2. Eurail Czech Republic-Germany Pass
    Travel by Train in Czech Republic and Germany.
  3. Eurail Austria-Czech Republic Pass
    Travel by Train in Czech Republic and Austria.
  4. Eurail Select Pass
    Travel by Train in up to 5 European Countries, you choose which ones.
  5. Eurail Global Pass
    The Premier European Rail Pass traveling in 21 countries!
  6. Central Europe Triangle Pass
    3 one way rail trips between cities throughout Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.
  7. European East Pass
    Train travel throughout Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.
  8. Eurail Drive Pass
    The Premier European Rail Pass traveling in 21 countries + Car rental!
  9. Eurail Select Pass & Drive
    Travel by Train in up to 5 European Countries + Car rental, you choose which ones.

Point to Point Czech Republic Train Ticket Prices

If you are looking for city to city train ticket in Czech Republic, please check the prices and schedule from here.

Trains Schedule & Travel Times in Czech Republic

From To # of Trains Frequency Travel Time
Prague Karlovy Vary 9 Daily 3 hr, 26 min
?eský Krumlov ?eské Bud?jovice 9 Daily 55 min
Prague ?eské Bud?jovice 12 Daily 2 hr, 50 min

Practical Train Information in Czech Republic:

In Prague, many of the international ticket window agents at the main train station will speak English. It may not be the most pleasant experience, Czech sales assistants in any trade tend to be surly, but you should get along fairly well.

As you get farther a field from Prague, you may not find such convenience, but with a little patience and a bit of preparation before you join the line, you should be able to be understood enough in English to get to where you want to go, and at the appropriate fare. Many destinations are often hard to pronounce, so be sure to write them down clearly on a piece of paper to show to the agent, or to circle your end station on a train timetable.

The train network in the Czech Republic is run by Czech Railways (Ceske Drahy), which uses a number of train of different quality. Ordinary passenger trains (marked Os for osobni on timetables) don’t require reservations or supplements and offer fist and second class seating. They are also slow as molasses and usually very uncomfortable, avoid them if you can. If you get stuck, splurge on first class to make the trip as painless as possible.

The train network itself is pretty extensive and connects to a umber of major cities in both Eastern and Western Europe. Major cities with Intercity and EuroCity connection to Prague include Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Budapest, and Warsaw. Locally, the routings are a little odd and getting to some of the country’s smaller towns and out of the way spots is, as a result, often faster by bus. To find out about timetables of all the connections within the Czech Republic and from/to abroad, go to


Reservation on Czech trains are mandatory only if an R surrounded by a box is listed on the timetable next to your departure, or if you are traveling on an SC train. That said, trains can get very crowded, and if plan on traveling in high season or on weekends, make a reservation way in advance so you can assure yourself of a seat and avoid standing in lines in the station. Reservations on express trains must be made at least 2 hours before departure and can be made inside almost all of the Republic’s train stations. A reservation costs 30 Kc ($1.40). Note that reservations on local trains in Czech Republic can be made through Rail Europe.

Reservations for sleeper accommodations on night trains in the Czech Republic and on international night trains to and from Prague are a must. Reserve these as soon as you can, most international trains allow you to reserve up to 3 months in advance. You can reserve most international sleepers and couchettes through here.

Note: Even if you have a railpass of any type, you’ll still have to pay a travel supplement of about 60Kc ($2.85) one way, when traveling on Intercity (IC) and EuroCity (EC) trains. You pay a fixed price for any route taken on a SuperCity (SC) train, regardless of distance or time.

Service & Amenities

Generally, Czech trains do not have a very good reputation in terms of comfort and cleanness. They are old, lack most creature comforts, and run on old style single tracks. That said, they still run pretty reliably and for reasonable prices. First class travel (the only way to go) in the republic is far less expensive than in Western European countries.

Sleeping accommodations raging from simple couchettes to private single rooms, are available on long haul trains within the Czech Republic and on international trains running through or terminating in Prague. Sleepers tend to be expensive and the quality of the accommodations, so if you opt for a couchette, keeps a close eye on your belongings.

Restaurant cars are available on SC, EC and IC trains. They are not available, however, on Express train, so bring lots of food, and lots of bottled water. Do not drink tap water on trains or anywhere else for that matter.

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