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Hungary Rail Travel

Hungary rail travel

Hungary has a long, rich history that includes membership in the Roman, Turkish and Austro Hungarian empires, and a gloomy spell trapped behind the Iron Curtain. Today, Hungary has once again regained its position as a vibrant Eastern European country and is one of the Continent’s hottest travel destinations.

Available Rail Passes for Hungary :

  1. Eurail Hungary Pass
    Train travel throughout Hungary.
  2. Eurail Austria-Hungary Pass
    Travel by Train in Austria and Hungary.
  3. Eurail Hungary-Romania Pass
    Travel by Train in Hungary and Romania.
  4. Eurail Croatia-Slovenia-Hungary Pass
    Travel by Train in Croatia Slovenia and Hungary.
  5. Eurail Select Pass
    Travel by Train in up to 5 European Countries, you choose which ones.
  6. Eurail Global Pass
    The Premier European Rail Pass traveling in 21 countries!
  7. Central Europe Triangle Pass
    3 one way rail trips between cities throughout Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.
  8. European East Pass
    Train travel throughout Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.
  9. Eurail Drive Pass
    The Premier European Rail Pass traveling in 21 countries + Car rental!
  10. Eurail Select Pass & Drive
    Travel by Train in up to 5 European Countries + Car rental, you choose which ones.

Point to Point Hungary Train Ticket Prices

If you are looking for city to city train ticket in Hungary, please check the prices and schedule from here.

Trains Schedule & Travel Times in Hungary

From To Type of Train # of Trains Frequency Travel Time
Budapest Esztergom Regional 26 Daily 1 hr, 35 min
Budapest Nagymaros-Visegrad 29 Daily 1 hr

Practical Train Information in Hungary:

All rails in Hungary lead into and out of Budapest, lively capital and undisputed transportation hub, a proud city sitting astride the Danube River in the middle of the country. Savor Budapest, one of Europe’s most appealing cities, but you should also go beyond the capital and explore the smaller cities and the countryside. Hop a train up the Danube to the Danube Bend towns of Szentendre, Esztergom or Visegard.

The Eurail Hungary Pass offers first class travel within Hungary for either 5 non-consecutive days in a 15-day period or 10 nonconsecutive days in a 1 month period. The pass is best obtained before departing for your trip. Pass discounts for travelers under 26 and those traveling in groups of five or more are available.

Train service in Hungary is generally reliable and usually runs according to schedule, though it’s somewhat slower than in Western Europe. Its rail network is extensive, totaling more than 4800 miles, but you should keep in mind that the network is oriented on Budapest, so that city will almost always be both your arrival and your departure point from Hungary. Numerous international trains stop in Budapest, and several daily trains arrive in the city from Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Zagreb, Bratislava, and Berlin.

Aside from international express trains, the best choices within Hungary are the InterCity (IC) express trains, which stop less often en route between major cities. These modern trains are clean and the only trains in Hungary with air conditioning.

After the InterCity trains come the gyros fast trains, which are almost as fast as the IC trains, but are older and grittier. Avoid the slow szemely and sebes trains, as they stop at all local stations, making a ride seem interminable.

Unfortunately, the Hungarian railway authority MAV Hungarian Railways is poorly run and out of date. Ticketing still relies on antiquated systems and tickets purchased at the stations are in Hungarian only, the destination is not even indicated, simply the amount of kilometers you’re authorized to travel. The ticketing service people are surly, don’t be surprised if you are faced with an unfriendly, unilingual, grumpy Hungarian. You can access the timetable at, which can be searched in English.


You must reserve a seat on some international express trains and on all InterCity trains. You should ask if a reservation is needed when buying a ticket, buy if you want to be guaranteed a seat, spend the extra money. Note that Hungarian reservations can get very long. You might want to reserve a seat several days in advance.

Service & Amenities

Generally speaking, most trains in Hungary do not have as many amenities as their Western European counterparts, and other than the new InterCity trains, they can be downright dirty. You will find a snack bar and eatery on IC and international express trains, but not on other trains in Hungary. Occasionally, on trains other than IC trains, you will encounter a snack cart. Note also that trains do not have potable water, so you’ll need to bring your own. Eating on trains is customary, so don’t hesitate to bring food along. Load up on drinks and eats before you depart on every trip, every station has snack bar.

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