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Austria Train Travel

Austria Train Travel

Austria is an interesting mountainous country wedged between the western European countries of Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. It also borders on the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.

Travelling to and through Austria is now faster and easier that ever before. What better way to explore Austria than travelling through stunning mountain scenery, lush alpine meadows, historic towns and picturesque villages. Getting to Vienna by rail is now easier than ever. Arrive the same day with just two changes in Brussels and Frankfurt. Sit back, feel greener and enjoy the ride.

Available Rail Passes for Austria

  1. Eurail Austria Pass
    Train travel throughout Austria.
  2. Eurail Austria-Hungary Pass
    Travel by Train in Austria and Hungary.
  3. Eurail Austria-Switzerland Pass
    Travel by Train in Austria and Switzerland.
  4. Eurail Austria-Germany Pass
    Travel by Train in Austria and Germany.
  5. Eurail Austria-Czech Republic Pass
    Travel by Train in Austria and Czech Republic.
  6. Eurail Austria-Croatia-Slovenia
    Travel by Train in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.
  7. Central Europe Triangle Pass
    3 one way rail trips between cities throughout Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.
  8. European East Pass
    Train travel throughout Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.
  9. Eurail Select Pass
    Travel by Train in up to 5 European Countries, you choose which ones.
  10. Eurail Global Pass
    The Premier European Rail Pass traveling in 21 countries!
  11. Eurail Drive Pass
    The Premier European Rail Pass traveling in 21 countries + Car rental!
  12. Eurail Select Pass & Drive
    Travel by Train in up to 5 European Countries + Car rental, you choose which ones.

Available High Speed Train in Austria

  • ICE
    The ICE can take you all over Germany, including Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne, and Berlin. With high-speed comfort and luxuries like reclining seats and laptop connections.
  • City Night Line
    The City Night Line overnight train allows you to make the most of your time during your European holiday. You’ll sleep in complete comfort aboard this night train—which links Switzerland and Germany with many of the surrounding countries.

Trains Schedule & Travel Times in Austria

From To Type of Train # of Trains Frequency Travel Time
Vienna Salzburg ICE, InterCity, EC, EN 29 Daily 2 hr 37 min
Vienna Innsbruck ICE, InterCity, EC, EN 11 Daily 4 hr 30 min
Salzburg Innsbruck ICE, EC, EN 11 Daily 2 hr

Practical Train Information in Austria:

Rivaled only by Switzerland for its soaring Alpine peaks and scenic grandeur, Austria is one of the world’s greatest destinations for rail travelers. Much of the country’s spectacular scenery can be seen outside your train window. You’ll pass unspoiled mountain villages, ocher-colored baroque buildings, onion-domed churches, and miles and miles of rugged scenery.

Austria’s geography is among the most varied in Europe: Castles and dense forests disappear as ancient glacial lakes come into view, lapping up against old spas that are bordered by acres of vineyards. But nothing can compete with the Alps, with some of the most panoramic and dramatic mountain peaks in the world—most of which you’ll be able to see and reach easily through the country’s extensive rail system.

Vienna has rail links to all the major cities of Europe. Rail travel within Austria itself is superb, with fast, clean trains taking you just about anywhere in the country and going through some incredibly scenic regions.

Any train depot in Austria will sell you an individual ticket. At major stations there are also sold at automated machines. You can often hop aboard a train and purchase a train from a conductor, although you’re assessed a small surcharge (usually 3€ / $3.90) for this service. Nearly all major stations accept credit cards such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

For more on Austria’s railways, check out the OBB’s website at

Austria Railway Map

Austria Rail Map


Although not always required, it is still advisable to make a reservation for travel on an Austrian rail line. A seat reservation is not guaranteed even with in travel. During holiday seasons or busy times, such as the peak winter ski season in Innsbruck, reservations are imperative. Your railpass will cover most high speed trains such as EuroCity or InterCity, and though no supplement is charged within Austria, you may be charged a supplement for the portion of your travels outside the Austrian border.

Austria is a relatively small country, and you can usually get where you’re going without any long overnight hauls, so sleeping arrangements are rarely a factor. If however, you’re heading for an international destination, you might consider getting a couchette ( a fold-down bunk bed). These are usually clean and comfortable on Austrian trains. Reservations can be made through travel agents or in person at any rail station in Austria. Most seat reservations only require a few hours notice. However, for a couchette reservation, a few days notice is advised, especially during high season.

Note: Because the price of couchette and seat reservations is the same in the U.S. as it is in Austria, if you have a firm travel itinerary, we recommend getting your train reservations from Rail Europe before you leave North America. Another option, if you wish to travel in style, is to splurge on your own private sleeper compartment, complete with bathroom, on the EuroNight or City Nightline trains that cross the country or pass through it.

Austria Travel Guides

If you’re planning for an excelent trip in Austria, I strongly recommend investing in Rick Steve’s Austria guide book, and the relevant Lonely Planet Guide for in-depth country information on the sights to see, places to stay, places to eat. They’re both are very very useful, and you can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling in Vienna, Salzburg, and Tirol.

Rick Steves Vienna, Salzburg, and Tirol

Austria Travel Guide Lonely Planet

Service & Amenities

All InterCity and EuroCity trains have dining cars. And all, except for local commuter trains going to the suburbs of Vienna, feature mini-bars, which on European trains is a trolley style snack bar that’s rolled on wheels thought the train carriages.

The bad news is that drinking and dining on Austrian railways is prohibitively expensive for travellers on strict budgets, who are better advised to bring alng some food and dink and have an on train picnic while taking in a all that panoramic Austrian scenery. Most stations have well stocked kiosks that are only slightly more expensive that regular supermarkets. In Vienna, food or drink is no problem, as the two big stations have delicatessens that keep long hours, even on Sundays.

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