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Ireland Rail Travel

Eurail Passes for Ireland: Ireland Railpass About Rail Travel in Ireland Travel in Ireland by train is a breeze. It takes travelers to many of the country’s top towns and cities (Cork, Belfast, Galway) as well as some of the lesser-known gems (Athlone, Portrush). For visitors this is an ideal country to traverse, and with […]

Hungary Rail Travel

The Eurail Hungary Pass offers first class travel within Hungary for either 5 non-consecutive days in a 15-day period or 10 nonconsecutive days in a 1 month period. The pass is best obtained before departing for your trip. Pass discounts for travelers under 26 and those traveling in groups of five or more are available.

Norway Rail Travel

Eurail Passes for Norway: Norway Railpass About Rail Travel in Norway For the rail traveler, the mountainous and elongated country of Norway is the crown jewel of Scandinavia. From its snowcapped mountains to its scenic fjords warmed by the Gulf Stream, much of the country’s varied land- and seascapes can be seen from your train […]

Finland Rail Travel

Eurail Passes for Finland: Finland Railpass About Rail Travel in Finland Finland isn’t easy to get to by train. Your best choice is to fly directly to Helsinki from the United States. Or, if you’re already abroad, you can take a one-night boat cruise on the Baltic from Stockholm. It’s a nice add-on to your […]

Czech Republic Rail Travel

Many North American travelers visiting the Czech Republic only go to capital city Prague. And understandably so. It’s one of Eastern Europe’s most grandiose destinations. And, the Prague Excursion Pass is a super deal. It provides one roundtrip from any Czech border to Prague, and lets you take advantage of some great connections between Prague and neighboring capitals: the trip from Berlin or Vienna takes about 5 hours; and, an overnight train links Paris and Prague.