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Rail Drive & Rail Fly Passes

Not all of Europe is accessible by train, many charming small towns and rural areas are best visited by car, and you’ve got to take a boat or a place to get to the Greek Islands. So Rail Europe offers a range of passes combining car rentals or plane tickets with rail passes. Remember to factor in gas, though, which can exceed US $6 per gallon. Note: Unlike a regular car rental, car days on a rail ‘n drive pass need not be used consecutively.

Validating Your Rail Pass

You must validate your Europe rail pass before you step on your first train. There are two ways to do this. Head to a tiket office at any European train station and ask the ticket agent to validate your pass. The agent will write in the first and last days you can use your pass, and you’re on your way.

Railpass Discounts

Many railpasses offer discounted version for travellers under 26 and over 60. If more than one person is travelling, more discounts are available. Saver and Parry passes offer discounts to small groups (including couples).