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Plan Your Trip to Europe

Fail to plan will cost you a huge amount of money

Rails are the veins of Europe. When you travel on the Continent’s speedy affordable, and surprisingly complete rail system, you’ll cross terrain where no cars go, make friends you would never otherwise have met, travel without the worries of traffic, parking, and airport security, and perhaps enjoy a good night’s sleep, too.

We will provide useful information about traveling by train in Europe. We simply want you to enjoy and experience the best quality time during your visit in Europe without worrying getting lost or miss out the train. Help yourself in this section and find out all information about timetables and railway maps as well as find out what there is to know on train reservations as there are certain thing that is required for special trains.

Those who haven’t travelled on European trains in a while will be startled by the rage of ticket classes and the bewildering number of trains. But travelling by train doesn’t have to be confusing: Take a deep breath, leave yourself some time at the station, and enjoy travelling the way Europeans do.

High Speed Train

Eurostar Eurostar High Speed Train

Eurostar is the world’s most advanced high speed train connecting London and Kent in Britain, with Paris (including Disneyland Paris), Brussels, Lille and Amsterdam in Europe.


TGV High Speed Train

TGV is the world’s fastest train with up to 200 mph fast track to France, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. With Paris as its hub, France’s high-speed rail service also connects to neighboring countries so you can be in Brussels, Geneva, Frankfurt, and Strasbourg in no time.


Thalys Thalys High Speed Train

Thalys, known as the red train, is an international high-speed train built around the high-speed lines between Paris, Brussels, Cologne and Amsterdam.


Eurostar Italia Train

The Eurostar Italia is a great way to get to be whisked to Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Bologna or Naples while enjoying the stunning scenery in stress-free comfort.


Eurostar Italia
InterCity-Express Germany ICE Train

The ICE can take you all over Germany, including Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne, and Berlin. With high-speed comfort and luxuries like reclining seats and laptop connections.


Spanish AVE Train

Traveling through Spain is an enchanting experience on an AVE high-speed train. It is connecting cities in Spain: Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Barcelona and the newest destination, Valencia.


Spanish AVE Train
Artesia Day Train Artesia Day Train

These high-speed Artesia Day trains take you to the best of France to the best of Italy. Aboard the Artisia Day train you can travel to Milan or Turin in Italy, and Lyon and Paris in France.


Italy – Switzerland (Cisalpino) Train

This is a high-speed train that literally tilts, reducing travel time. It can transport you to some of Europe’s most beautiful cities, including Bern, Basel, Milan, Venice, Florence, Zurich and Geneva more quickly.


Italy - Switzerland (Cisalpino) Train

Overnight Trains

Artesia Artesia Overnight Train

Artesia provides day train and night train services between France and Italy from prominent cities like Paris, Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice and more.


Elipsos Trenhotel Train

Wake up to a new skyline on the Elipsos Train hotel, an international night train with all the makings of a contemporary hotel. You’ll travel in comfort from Spain to Italy, France or Switzerland.


Elipsos Trenhotel
City Night Line City Night Line Train

The City Night Line overnight train allows you to make the most of your time during your European holiday. You’ll sleep in complete comfort aboard this night train—which links Switzerland and Germany with many of the surrounding countries


Scenic Trains

Glacier Express Glacier Express Train Switzerland

The Glacier Express is the ideal way to travel from the eastern to the western Swiss Alps by train. Glacier Express is running from the Eastern to Western Swiss Alps (or vice versa).


Bernina Express Train Switzerland

The Bernina Express will take you from St. Moritz to Tirano, Italy in hassle-free comfort with huge, breathtaking panoramic views. In summer, continuing on to Lugano by bus. Book early for best availability.


Bernina Express Train
Golden Pass Scenic Train Golden Pass Scenic Train

It’s simple, yet perfect. A trip on an ultra-modern train that can includes panoramic and Belle Epoque (Classic)coaches gliding across alpine landscapes in comfort and serenity. The GoldenPass. Come on. It’s you in wonderland.


Wilhelm Tell Express Train

Like William Tell himself, this trip really hits the mark with breathtaking scenery through Switzerland. Starting with a lunch cruise on Lake Lucerne, followed by a train trip ending in Ticino.


Wilhelm Tell Express Train
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