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European Rail Passes

European Rail Passes

So you’ve decided you’re going with a pass? Please read Rail Passes vs Point-to-point Tickets if you haven’t. If so, there are dozens of passes, and the choices can be overwhelming. Decided on the appropriate rail pass by answering four questions:

1. How much ground do you want to cover?
If you want to stay in one country, look for a single country pass or point-to-point tickets. For up to five countries, look for a multiple country pass. For six or more countries, look at the Eurail Global Pass or Eurail Select Pass.

2. Will you be continually on the move, or do you want to linger in some places for a few days?
If you’re continually on the move, a consecutive day pass allows unlimited travel during a specified period. If you’ll be staying in cities for several days at a time, a non-consecutive pass gives you a certain number of travel days, and lets you stay put for the rest.

3. How old are you?
If you are under 26, youth passes are available. Children travel at reduced rates, usually half price or free. If you are at least 60, discounted senior passes are the way to go.

4. How many people are you travelling with?
If at least two people are travelling together, look for two-person and group discounts.

Eurail Global Pass

  • Most popular Pass!
  • Travel in 21 countries!
  • Details »

Eurail Select Pass

  • The flexible Pass
  • Travel in 3, 4 or 5 countries
  • Details »

Eurail Regional Pass

  • Choose from 25 different regions
  • Select a region!
  • Details »

Eurail One Country Pass

  • Visit a single country by rail
  • Select a country!
  • Details »

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